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Our products have been designed from the ground up with a focus on flexibility, integration with social networks, and built-in collobaration tools. Our dynamic architecture allows for not only custom process configuration, but also user-interface configuration. Once you enter a relevant piece of information such as a customer or a vendor then you are able to work with the same entity in its real-time state from every module and even in the analytics. Role based security allows information masking, or hiding of information based on user-roles. Morphism of iERP allows for you to see, and work with only what you need instead of wading through endless options and steps. We truly believe that businesses should focus on their core-competency and not on expending valuable time and resources on how to use, administer or manage a SAP or Oracle or SalesForce system. Our mission is to provide software with absolutely no parallel in the social ERP world.

Making it possible! We believe a good way to realize our vision is by removing any barriers between the actual users (you) and us is with the Book of ERP. The Book of ERP is written especially for the stake holders of for-profit enterprises who have a vested interest in improving the performance (top-line growth or the bottom-line) of their organization and who strive for more. It is about maximizing profits and at the same time allowing them to wade through the complexity, ambiguity, and chaos of today's technology offerings. It is written in an easy to read non-technical language and requires no specialized computer software skills except an ability to use a web browser. It provides "why", "where", "how-much" and "how-to" of social ERP and the traditional ERP in the hands of people who have pressing business problems to solve, little time on hand but realize the potential of technology. This book cuts through the clutter and the confusing noise and provides a straight forward path to implementation, not by the million-dollar professionals but by you!

Q?What can really do? Well ask youself this question: Why do only the the Walmarts, Amazons, Groupons, ExxonMobils, Bank of Americas, etc of the world are able to exploit technology to an extent that it becomes their competitive advantage while the rest of the majority ends up chasing that elusive performance gains and gets into an unending drain on financial and business resources that are hard to justify? Part of it is that most organizations aided by highly-paid consulting houses underestimate the actual cost and efforts required to be like the Walmarts or the Amazons. Those organizations have spent (actually outspent) everyone else to the tune of billions of dollars, yes you heard this right it is billions of dollars. Well, so how can rest be as competitive, and innovative but without the millions and billions of dollars to risk? Our mission is to make it a reality for the rest.